Chabuton Ramen – 3 Ways To Customize Your Own Ramen!

Last week, we witnessed the opening of Chabuton (02-09/10) at Tampines 1! We wouldn’t be surprised if you have long heard of Chabuton and its story, since it’s a popular ramen brand in Japan and Thailand! Chabuton by Michelin chef, Yasuji Morizumi, offers award-winning ramen recipes by the TV Champion’s Best Ramen Chef 2002.

Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 d
 Professional Taiko performers were invited to perform at the Opening Ceremony. Their performance was awesome and definitely spiced up the night!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1  Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 a
The highlight of the opening ceremony was the Kagami Biraki! Kagami Biraki is a ceremony where the Japanese will break open the wooden casks of Sake with mallets during major occasions like store openings, wedding and other celebrations. In Singapore, we usually call it SAKE OPENING!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 e
Signature Ramen What you must try at Chabuton is the signature Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen (small $8.30/ large: $11.90)! The pork bones went through hours of simmering, making the popular tonkotsu broth rich and creamy. The al-dente ramen was served with a thick slice of Char Siew,  Japanese leek and white sesame, which added character to the overall taste.
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 g
What we love most about Chabuton is the ability to customize our own bowl of ramen. You can choose the texture of your ramen, the oil level and even the saltiness of the broth! For fans of soft boiled eggs and braised pork belly (Buta Kakuni), your cravings can easily be satisfied with a $3 add-on.
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 j
Of course they have selections for customers who has the appetite for spicy ramen (Chabuton Kara Kara Ramen) and extra pieces of yummy Char Siew (Chabuton Char Siew Ramen)!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1  k
Side Dishes Top up only $1 for the spicy minced pork (Kara Kara) which adds the additional kick for your meal!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 i
For some of us, we can never end off the meal without some yummy crispiness! At Chabuton, you may add on these 2 favourites: Ika Karaage ($5),  fried squid that is crispy on the outside and whoooo…. oh-so-chewy on the inside! We love the sweetness from the fresh squid, one plate doesn’t seem to be enough!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 h
Hitokuchi Gyoza ($5 for 8 pcs), these dumplings is another must-have! The juicy minced pork filling is marinated to perfection, and the combination with the crispy gold brown skin is so addictive! This is a highly recommended dish!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 f
Stomach growling already? Then head on down to Chabuton today at level 2! Psst.. You might catch us sipping ramen there tonight too! #HAPP1NESSRoundTheCorner

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