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We bring you the scoop on new-to-market products, latest fashion trends, exclusive promotions and exciting happenings at Tampines 1!

Tampines 1

10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536

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39 thoughts on “About Us

    • Haha… yeah Bernard, we thought it will be fun to blog about the mall as shopping is a major Singaporean hobby. Do let us know what you are interested in and we will try to bring you the scoop! =)

    • Hi Sarina, we have already informed the telcos and we really hope they can fixed the network soon! As for the valet, the service provider is told to park the cars in the nearby carparks.

  1. 1) Very crowded today! We even have to queue to go into Uniqlo and queue to pay our clothes. Luckily, there are many cashiers therefore the wait was not long. The products are great and wide selection but the fitting rooms queue are super long too.

    2) Some of the shops or resturants have not installed their NETS nor Credit Cards Terminals. Hopefully, all will be up by weekend otherwise, it’s frustrating just when happened to run out of cash and we have to go draw from MRT’s ATMS first and return to stores to pay for it. It’s not a nice shopping experience at all.

    3) How come the resturants did not have “Opening Specials” Promotion?

    4) How about more Promotions! to select out someone from the crowds who is wearing Green and capture on spy camera to stick on the bulletin board to rec’d a special prize like some vouchers.

    • Hi Sarina, thanks for your feedback! Yeah, it was a really huge turnout at Tampines 1. Many of the stores have worked very hard to open today and some of things may not be in place. So do bear with us during this opening period as we do need some time to settle down and to sort out the operational issues. We fully understand your frustrations and we hope everything will run smoothly soon. And thanks for your suggestion on promotions! We will definitely consider them. BTW, we will be running an Earth Day promotion on 22 April (Wear Green, Be Green, Big Green) where shoppers who wear green, use own shopping bags and spend $50 in a single receipt can get a $10 Cold Storage voucher (terms & conditions apply). So stay tuned!

  2. Generally, the shops are great!!! But there are a few shops (eg G2000, FILA, ESPIRIT, etc) which the other 2 nearby malls already have, so it can be quite boring having the same shops within the vicinity.

    • Hi Benny! We don’t have any special IT team to do the mall blog. It’s our actually first time venturing into blogging and we must say it has been fun updating the events and happenings at the mall. Do let us know what are the topics you will be keen to be updated in our blog. We would love to hear your feedback and find ways to improve our blog content. πŸ™‚

      • THat is so COOL.. you guys are so active.. The mall itself is own by you guys? Cos i do not see other malls so active, having a blog do create a fresh scene here..

  3. Actually i do have a proposal to bring forward to Tamp 1 to create a fresh scene to shopping in Singapore after seeing Tamp 1 been so “technology setter”. Not too sure whether will you guys be interested.

    • Hi hi… Sorry, there is no store that does eyebrow threading. Most of them offer eyebrow trimming/shaping though. You may want to find out more from Mentsu (#05-23) or Bioskin (#05-17).

  4. Just wondering.. with so many nearby malls in tampines, what makes Tampines 1 so special?? Who will be the main target markets of Tampines 1?? Students??????????? Cos i see so many students!!!

    • Hi there. Tampines 1 has unique stores which our neighbouring malls do not have have. They include Cold Storage, Uniqlo, Sake Inn, UrbanWrite, JCO and many more exciting brands. We welcome everyone to shop at our mall.

  5. Really enjoy my spree today at Tampines 1. Happened to find this blog on google and man, it’s so awesome to see a blog dedicated to a shopping mall. The only thing that daunt me was the carpark. Then again, it’s a sunday, where everyone come together for fun! Perhaps the mall can look into the illegal turning from the exit of the carpark? Vehicles are supposed to make a left turn, but I noticed some cars turning right instead.

    • Hi hi… sorry for late reply. Glad to know you have enjoyed your shopping trip at Tampines 1. πŸ™‚ And thank you for your feedback on some of the drivers at our carpark. Yeah, we understand how you feel. We wish we can do something about it too. Sometimes it is really hard for us to control the drivers who suddenly decide to make an illegal turn at our carpark entrance. We already informed the authorities about the situation. Hopefully, they can do something about it.

    • Hi Puja, thank you for your interest. As our playground is newly opened, we are currently opened for public use only. We will look into the possibilities of allowing private functions in the future.

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