Fashion Lookbook By Francesca Tan: Dress Yourself Up For Christmas Parties!

Holla! Today’s post is a little special because i am working with Esprit to put together 4 outfits that i will personally wear to a friend’s house party! The possibilities are endless!!!! From sundress, to mini skirts, to dressy shorts, to a glamorous dinner dress or even to being that tough chick… Let’s get started!

For the preppy girl next door –

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 3

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 4

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 2

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 1

Plaid Dress S$129.95

You don’t have to wear your sweaters, ribbons, or with your collars popped all the time. Try this plaid shift dress for a change! Throw on your favourite heels and maybe a hat for a bit more of character and you’re off to go!

For the girl whose smile lights up the room –

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 14

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 15

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 16   Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 13

Blue Spag Dress S$99.90, Sunglasses S$136.00

I can imagine you being in this dress, with your hair up in a gorgeous messy bun, your favourite heels (or sandals maybe) with a wine glass in your hand. This is for the girl who is confident in herself and enjoys hanging out. Perfect dress for that party by the pool, or just a casual get-together party with friends i’d say!

For the girl who has her own style –

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 5

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 6

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 8 Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 7

White Blouse S$69.96, Printed Shorts S$79.95, Coat S$269.95, Heeled Boots S$169.95

You would wear this to a crowd with girls all donned in skin tight dresses and cropped tops because you know exactly what looks good on you and you are not afraid to be different. And also because having a coat around is always a good idea. With our cranky weather right now, who knows when is it gonna start pouring?

For the glamorous one –

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 12

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 10

Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 11Tampines 1 Esprit Francesca Tan 9

Beaded Maxi Dress S$229.95

You’re elegant. You like all things fancy pancy. You truly enjoys the finer things in life.

So which category do you fall in? Fashion is ever changing, and these are just my personal opinions and what i imagine what one would wear… What I would wear! I hope you guys enjoy this edition and hope it gives you a little inspiration on what you can wear if you have any parties coming up, especially since it’s the festive season right now. If you’re uninspired, i’d say just dress in whatever way you like most and deem fit,  and feel the most comfortable in! I mean i would rather enjoy my party than to worry about my dress, right? Happy partying. *clink*


Tampines 1
#01-16/ & #02-05/08
10 Tampines Central 1
Opening Hours: Daily: 10:00 – 22:00

Written by Francesca Tan, fashion blogger at

About The Author:

Francesca Tan, 22 years old, is from Singapore. As a full-time blogger/model, she blogs about fashion, lifestyle and shares her personal looks and awesome finds with her readers. Her fashion style is pretty minimal, casual, but usually easy. She loves cut-in blouses and backless dresses the most. Favourite obsession- Denim shorts, which she owes 10 pairs of them!


Fashion Lookbook By Andrea Chong: Outfits To Take You From Day To Night

It’s that time of the year where dinner parties and events beckon after work, and with the piling Singaporean work schedule, most of us hardly have time to head home to change out into another outfit!

In today’s fashion article I’ve styled 4 looks from New Look Tampines 1 that I feel can bring you from day to night. Even if you’re not rushing down from work but you still have to spend the whole day out, here are some of my not-too-casual/ not-too-formal suggestions.

Most of the clothes, shoes, and accessories featured are available in Tampines 1’s New Look store, located at #02-25/26.

Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 2 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 1 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 3

White Collared Shirt, Pink Shift Dress, Statement Necklace – all from New Look Tampines 1

Tired of the plain looking white shirt and/or simple one-tone coloured dress? Try pairing them together like how I’ve done to give your outfit a very preppy classy Zooey Deschanel-inspired look! I added a statement necklace to give the outfit a more formal feel.

 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 12 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 5 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 4

Grey Knit Sweater, Mint Lace Pencil Skirt, Statement Necklace – all from New Look Tampines 1
I absolutely love sweater and pencil skirt combinations. Inspired by Parisian street style, I paired the lace pencil skirt with a simple minimalistic top so there won’t too much going on for the outfit. I’ve again, added a matching mint-coloured statement necklace to make the outfit more appropriate for formal occasions.

Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 7 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 6 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 9

Colourblock Dress, Black Leather Jacket, Black Clutch, Black Heels – all from New Look Tampines 1

I love how everyday pieces can come together to make an outfit perfect for a night out. Try this pencil dress, leather jacket, heels combination – I’m pretty sure most girls would have these staple items in their wardrobe! This colourblock dress is one of my favourite pieces from New Look, pair it with heels and a leather jacket to give the outfit a complete structured look. I didn’t accessorize the outfit with statement accessories – sometimes less is best!

Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 10 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 11 Andrea Chong Tampines 1 New Look 8

White Embellished Top, Black Pants, Black Heels, Black Clutch – all from New Look Tampines 1

Another one of my favourite looks from New Look, this top with pants look is simple, classy, chic, and fuss-free. The outfit can totally take you from day to night: put on a pair of ballet flats and a leather biker jacket during the day, and during the night, change into your heels, take off the jacket, add a clutch and you’re D&D ready. Looking back, I definitely would have worn this outfit during my own prom days.
At the end of the day, keep your outfit fuss-free: You’re out the entire day and you want to carry as little as possible. Try experimenting with a little bit of accessorizing, and outerwear styling, you don’t need much to give your entire outfit a different look!


New Look
Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Opening Hours: Daily: 10:30 – 22:00

Written by Andrea Chong, fashion blogger at

About The Author:

Having been a fashion model for three years since 2009, Andrea felt that she needed to branch out and develop her own fashion identity, instead of having one dictated to her by the labels she was modeling for. Hence, she started a fashion and lifestyle blog. Andrea write about her love for fashion, travel, food, and friends. She is also the host of’s fashion show “That F Word”.  Andrea has appeared in the following notable publications: Nylon (Japan), Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore), Her World (Singapore), The Straits Times (Singapore), Teenage (Singapore), nEBO’s Orange (Singapore), NTU’s HEY! Magazine (Singapore), and the Nanyang Chronicle (Singapore).

Be A Fashion Icon This Chinese New Year

Dong Dong Dong Chiang! Counting down 15 days to Prosperous Horse Year!

Today we will be sharing some stylish fashion wears that you can find at Tampines 1, which will make you a fashion icon during the festive visiting instead of looking like a walking Ang Bao!

First up!

Topshop has always been one of the top choices for trendy ladies during special occasions! This new year, pick up wearable colours such as Tangerine, Maroon or Lilac and pair them with statement accessories like necklaces or bracelets to stand out from the rest!


Topshop #02-16

Can’t bear to leave red alone during Chinese New Year?

Check out these stylish apparel in New Look and G2000 which you can re-wear even after Chinese New Year. Keep these striking outfits for an intimate Valentine’s Day date, birthday parties or even Christmas!


New Look #02-25/26


G2000 #02-12/15

If you are a fan of everything traditional and dainty, you wouldn’t want to miss out Pure Glamour’s fashionable Cheong Sam, and Love & Bravery’s Cheong Sam inspired dress!


Pure Glamour #04-10


Pure Glamour #04-10


Love & Bravery #03-03

The safest outfit for a guy during new year visiting is a set of fitted shirt with ironed long pants. But you can play with the prints and colours to make yourself fashionable and smart looking at the same time! We reckon that smart looking guys get more ang baos too!


Messy 02-23


Natural Project #02-17


G2000 #02-12/15

With so many fashion stores in Tampines 1, preparing for CNY is no longer a pain!

We hope to you can find your  perfect outfits, and visit your friends and relatives in style.

See you soon!

What Should Ladies Wear This Christmas?

Wanna be a fashionista this Christmas?

Check out the following outfits that we have picked out to make you the centre of attention at every party!

When we mention limelight, we will always want to be as “bling” as possible! That’s why our fashion stores always launch party dresses with elements of sequins, gems and shiny beads.

Check out these sexy yet sophisticated dresses from Forever New.


Forever New      #01-28/31

If you are not a fan of bling, opt for apparel that focuses on details such as lace, frills or cuttings, such as these outfits from Topshop.


Topshop     #02-16

Maximize your dollars with New Look this Christmas, because they have party dresses from as low as $39.90! Check out their wide array of accessories too.


New Look     #02-25/26

MDS is calling out to all trendy ladies this Christmas with its unique pieces shouting stylishness with their loud prints and daring draftings. Why not take this time to show off your slender waist with these midriff tops?


MDS     #01-13/14


MDS     #01-13/14

Last but not least, if you are looking for dresses that aren’t over the top, yet showcase your femininity, try out this body hugging knitted dress from Esprit!


Esprit      #01-16 / #02-05

With a wide array of fashion stores ranging from international labels to home brands, we are sure that there will be a perfect outfit which will match both your needs and budget!

Happy shopping!

What Should Guys Wear This Christmas?

It’s the time of the year again!

If you are pondering what to wear for the coolest parties in town, check this entry out!

For parties that require you to play a few games, mingle around or simply just chill and have fun, the following outfits must be on the top of your list!


Natural Project     #02-17


Esprit     #02-05/08

Getting excited because you are going to meet the family of your significant other, and it seems appropriate to dress smart?

The following outfits are the looks you might want to consider for looking smart yet not overdressed for the important night.


Esprit      #02-05/08


Esprit     #02-05/08

For corporate Christmas dinner or a black tie event, you would need to dress primp and proper in a fitted jacket and put on your best bow tie. We love how Topman has put together the outfit to be fashionable yet sophisticated.


Topman     #01-25/27

No matter which look you are going for, Tampines 1 will be a great place for you to revamp your wardrobe for the new year, and be the limelight at all parties!

Shop the trendiest apparels and accessories at MDS!

MDS is finally here at Tampines 1 (#01-13/14) ! Their first store in the suburbs!


MDS houses a wide array of fashion apparels and accessories ranging from feminine workwear to casual slip-ons and party wear! They update their collections regularly so that you will always find the trendiest style in store!


We visited their new store and were overwhelmed by the bright colours and brilliant usage of patterns and stripes in their latest Summer collection!







What’s style without statement accessories?

Grab these bejeweled and pearl necklaces to bring on some femininity or character to your outfit!


If you are thinking of updating your wardrobe with the latest Summer collection, drop by MDS today!

Women’s Fashion Basics – 5 Items Every Woman Should Own


If you are guilty of shouting this in front of your wardrobe every morning, we are here to save you!

Ladies never stop shopping, yet, we are never satisfied with the clothes in our wardrobe and shoe racks. In this entry, we are going to show you 5 items you will need to flaunt your femininity at work and play.

1. Little Black Dress

$79 (Dorothy Perkins #01-33) $63.90 (New Look #02-25/26)

$79 (Dorothy Perkins #01-33)                     $63.90 (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: All ladies need to have a LBD in your wardrobe. A classic black dress allows you to accessorize yourself in crazy colours and statement pieces without letting people notice that you are recycling your dress!

Play: When it’s time to party, opt for a LBD that has a sexy cut or uses texture fabrics like lace, tweed or silk wool.

Tips: Although LBD is flattering to every body shape, remember to get the ones which have a cutting that brings out your assets and hide your flaws.

2. Perfect Fit Blazer

Quentin Blazer $35     LAB Consranza $25  (Love & Bravery #03-03)

Quentin Blazer $35           LAB Consranza $25           (Love & Bravery #03-03)

Work: Regardless whether you have an hourglass, pear or rectangular body shape, a fitted blazer will always provide you with a flattering figure. A blazer will instantly make you look formal when you have it over any blouse and even tube dresses (meeting on Fridays!).

Play: Coloured blazers are trending these few years! Collect a few blazers with different colours and length to play on your outfits! Enjoy your dinner with a fitted cropped blazer and off it goes when it’s time to party!

Tips: If you have the budget, this is one item worth spending the money to tailor.

3. Statement Necklace

$53.90     $39.90     $26.90     (New Look #02-25/26)

Left to Right:  $53.90 , $39.90 , $26.90                (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: Accessories like a statement necklace will help to bring out the character of your outfit even when you are only spotting a LBD!

Play: Statement necklace is the no.1 accessory to draw attention to your upper body, especially when you are expecting others to pay more attention to your beautiful face or sexy v-neckline.

4. Feminine Black Heels

$63.90     $73.90        (New Look #02-25/26)

Left to Right:    $63.90 ,  $73.90      (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: You don’t need a pair of killer heels to attract attention. Grab a pair of comfortable black heels with mesh, lash or cut-out details to portray your elegance and style.

Play: If you think that stick thin heels are too uncomfortable for shopping and partying, choose a pair of footwear that have chunky heels, alternatively, you may want to own a nice pair of wedges!

Tips: Comfort is the most important element in choosing a classic pair of heels!

5. Colourful Scarves

$26.90     $19.90    $23.90    (New Look #02-25/26)

Left to Right:    $26.90 ,  $19.90 ,  $23.90                (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: Another must-have accessory in your wardrobe. If you worry about flaunting your flabby arms in your pretty sleeveless blouse/ dress, throw on an interesting printed scarf to draw attention away from your flaws.

Play: You seen how Hollywood stars rock their causal outfit with a scarf around their necks, or even use them to double up as headbands.

Tips: Always carry a scarf around in your bag as you might be really thankful to them when you feel cold in public transport or in a theatre.

Hope this entry helps you to save time standing in front of your wardrobe every morning and no longer waste money on pieces which you will never get to wear!

Tampines 1