5 Must-Trys At Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude!

If you are a fan of cakes and bread, I’m sure you will be attracted to the mouth watering-range of international spread at Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude (B1-14)! Yamazaki promises customers freshly baked breads daily, and most of their ingredients and recipes are from Japan! What’s there not to love about them?

We visited Yamazaki recently, and gathered the 5 Must-Trys for you!

1) Tropical Mango Mousse ($4.40) and Strawberry Mousse ($3.50)

These pretty little mousse cakes caught our attention right at the entrance of Yamazaki! The vibrant colours of the fresh fruits with double layers of smoothly flavoured mousse and soft sponge cake made us  drool.

The cakes were not too sweet, which was perfect because this means that we can have the whole cake to ourselves without feeling guilty! The sponge cake was a great complement to the creamy mousse, and the freshness of the fruits made us melt. If you are looking for a mood booster, we highly recommend this!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude Tampines 1 3

2) Strawberry Cream Puff

This is definitely a sweetheart for all romantic girls (and guys) out there! The pretty puff was dusted with icing sugar, which added a tinge of sweetness to the almost crispy home-made puff. The combination of whipped cream and custard cream blended so well with the sweet-sour fresh strawberries! Woah! Happ1ness you can enjoy for $2!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude Tampines 1 5

3) Mix Fruit Cake 16cm ($29)

Can’t get enough of the fresh fruit selections at Yamazaki? Then celebrate your loved ones’ birthdays with a cake that shouts “Fruit Galore”! Needless to say, the sweetness of the fruits was the selling point of this cake. The crunchy roasted almonds at the side of the cake offer a great companion to the vanilla sponge cake and fresh cream. Celebrate birthdays with this refreshing fruit cake, and everyone, young and old, will enjoy it to the fullest!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude Tampines 1 2

4) Choco/ Cheese/ Strawberry Soft Cake ($2)

Here comes the comfort snack of all time!

Yamazaki offers 3 flavours for the Japanese soft cake. Our favourite has got to be the Choco soft cake with chocolate shavings! We love that the cake has a tinge of chocolatey taste which was not too over-powering that it conceals the natural fragrance of the soft cake. Sink your teeth into one of these soft cakes today!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude Tampines 1 6

5)Mini Mochi Choco/ Cheese/ Sesame

$0.70 each, 3 for $2, 5 for $3

Chewy chewy mini mochi!

The chewy glutinous snack has so many flavours to choose from, but these 3 are the most classic and popular ones! The chocolate chips in the Choco mochi is sweet and addictive, the Sesame mochi is fragrant and with health benefits too, and last but not least, the Cheese mochi has a mild taste of milky goodness!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude Tampines 1 4

*Drooling in progress……*

As we write this entry, we are going for a second helping of the yummy cakes and mochi at Yamazaki! If you find it irresistible too, remember to visit them today!

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude


Chabuton Ramen – 3 Ways To Customize Your Own Ramen!

Last week, we witnessed the opening of Chabuton (02-09/10) at Tampines 1! We wouldn’t be surprised if you have long heard of Chabuton and its story, since it’s a popular ramen brand in Japan and Thailand! Chabuton by Michelin chef, Yasuji Morizumi, offers award-winning ramen recipes by the TV Champion’s Best Ramen Chef 2002.

Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 d
 Professional Taiko performers were invited to perform at the Opening Ceremony. Their performance was awesome and definitely spiced up the night!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1  Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 a
The highlight of the opening ceremony was the Kagami Biraki! Kagami Biraki is a ceremony where the Japanese will break open the wooden casks of Sake with mallets during major occasions like store openings, wedding and other celebrations. In Singapore, we usually call it SAKE OPENING!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 e
Signature Ramen What you must try at Chabuton is the signature Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen (small $8.30/ large: $11.90)! The pork bones went through hours of simmering, making the popular tonkotsu broth rich and creamy. The al-dente ramen was served with a thick slice of Char Siew,  Japanese leek and white sesame, which added character to the overall taste.
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 g
What we love most about Chabuton is the ability to customize our own bowl of ramen. You can choose the texture of your ramen, the oil level and even the saltiness of the broth! For fans of soft boiled eggs and braised pork belly (Buta Kakuni), your cravings can easily be satisfied with a $3 add-on.
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 j
Of course they have selections for customers who has the appetite for spicy ramen (Chabuton Kara Kara Ramen) and extra pieces of yummy Char Siew (Chabuton Char Siew Ramen)!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1  k
Side Dishes Top up only $1 for the spicy minced pork (Kara Kara) which adds the additional kick for your meal!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 i
For some of us, we can never end off the meal without some yummy crispiness! At Chabuton, you may add on these 2 favourites: Ika Karaage ($5),  fried squid that is crispy on the outside and whoooo…. oh-so-chewy on the inside! We love the sweetness from the fresh squid, one plate doesn’t seem to be enough!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 h
Hitokuchi Gyoza ($5 for 8 pcs), these dumplings is another must-have! The juicy minced pork filling is marinated to perfection, and the combination with the crispy gold brown skin is so addictive! This is a highly recommended dish!
Chabuton Ramen Tampines 1 f
Stomach growling already? Then head on down to Chabuton today at level 2! Psst.. You might catch us sipping ramen there tonight too! #HAPP1NESSRoundTheCorner

1-For-1 Waffle At Gelare!

The newly opened Gelare (04-K2/K3)  is offering 1-for-1 Waffle promotion from now till 30 November, only at Tampines 1!

We are so excited over the great deal, so we visited Gelare after our lunch for some sweet treats!

We ordered the classic Waffle with chocolate sauce ($8, 1-for-1) and topped up with Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Overload for our first waffle!

The Cookies & Cream ice cream is filled with generous chucks of cookies, and the ice cream is smooth and not too sweet. As the name suggests, the Chocolate Overload has a rich chocolate flavour and it tasted heavenly!

Gelare Tampines 1 ..

Classic Waffle + 2 scoops of ice cream ($10.60)

For our second waffle, we chose Cookie Dough and Banana. Cookie Dough is filled with chucks of rich choclate chips, and the unique Banana flavour is surprisingly addictive!

The crispy waffle was a perfect combination with the chocolate sauce and ice cold ice cream. We were enjoying our sweet treats till the very last bite!

Gelare Tampines 1 ...

Other than the 4 flavours that we tried, Gelare offers more than 10 selections of unique and conventional ice cream flavours daily.

We can’t wait to try out the Oregon Hazelnut flavour that is low fat, Pistachio, Honey Malt Crunch and Swiss Choc Caramel flavours for our next visit (slurppp!!)

Gelare Tampines 1 . Gelare Tampines 1

You may end off your sweet journey with a cup of aromatic Latte ($5.20)!
Other than coffee, Gelare also serves a wide variety of beverages such as Smoothies, Frappe and Snapple etc.

Gelare Tampines 1...

For customers looking for a filling meal, Gelare has cakes and pies to satisfy your hunger too!

Gelare Tampines 1.....

Gelare is now Halal certified, and their ice cream are vegan! Thanks to the thoughtful peeps at Gelare, everyone can now enjoy yummy desserts and coffee in one cafe!

Gelare Tampines 1 .....

Why wait? Visit Gelare today and give your sweet tooth a satisfying treat!

Gelare Tampines 1 .........

We Know You Want To Try out BlackBall Signature Dessert!

If you have visited Tampines 1 recently, you might have noticed the long queue at level 2. This queue belongs to the long-awaited…..

BlackBall 黑丸嫩仙草, which has opened at 02-K2!

It is said to be Taiwan’s number 1 grass jelly dessert chain, so how can we not try it!

There are four ways to enjoy the BlackBall Signature dessert, you can either have it hot, cold, warm or icy. The dessert is served with a combination of Grass Jelly, Yam Q, Golden Sweet Potato, Taro Balls, Sweet Potato Balls, Red Beans and Pearls.

The Hot Stuff is recommended for people who love grass jelly in liquid form, and Icy is recommended for people who need an instant coolness to quench their thirst. You can even customize your Icy selection by choosing either Grass Jelly or Wintermelon Shaved Ice, which is sweeter.


The weather has been extremely hot for the past weeks, so we ordered the Icy Signature BlackBall!

When the bowl of goodness was served, we were impressed by the colourful add-ons, which looked so yummy! The grass jelly was soft, and not too sweet, unlike those grass jelly with thick sugar syrup which made you sick after a few mouthfuls.

The add-ons (Yam Q, Golden Sweet Potato, Taro Balls, Sweet Potato Balls and Pearls) are so Q (chewy)! They literally bounced between your teeth as you chewed on them. The Golden Sweet Potato and Taro Balls were exceptionally tasteful, which was why they are our favourites of the lot.

Another highlight was the Red Beans. The texture of the beans was soft, and the flavour of the beans was so distinct that it infused fragrance to the dessert, thanks to the long hours of preparation process.


BlackBall Signature (Icy), $5.40

For the extra punch, we also added in some creamer to our warm Blackball Signature. The warmth of the grass jelly unleashed its full-flavour, and it’s recommended for all grass jelly fan who don’t mind a tinge of heat in their dessert.


BlackBall Signature (Warm), $5.40


Here’s how the saviours of our Monday Blues look like!


If you are not a fan of the yummy grass jelly, fret not! BlackBall has something to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth too! For a refreshing treat, you may choose from their “Wintermelon Series” beverage, which serves Winter Melon Tea with your favourite add-ons such as Aiyu Jelly and even Pearls!

For milk lovers, you can treat yourself to the “Fresh Milk Series” beverage, where you can savour  unique drinks such as Taro Smoothie and “Xian Cao” Tea with Fresh Milk!


Visit BlackBall at 02-K2 today!



320 Below Brings Ice Cream To A New Level with Nitrogen!

Nitrogen Ice Cream?

Yes! You read it right! 320 Below (B1-32)  prepares their ice cream right in front of you using Nitrogen. Instead of putting ice cream mixture into the freezer for hours before it’s ready to serve, Nitrogen does the same job in minutes!


Why use Nitrogen?

Benefits of using Nitrogen to freeze your ice cream:

1) Freshness: All their ice cream are made right in front of you when you order and you can’t get any fresher than that! As it’s freshly made, you don’t have to worry about additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers or preservatives.

2) Smooth Texture: The quick freeze process ensures there is no build up of ice crystals in the ice cream, and that gives your ice cream a nice smooth texture.

3) Healthier: Freezing your ice cream quickly  means lesser sugar is needed in the ice cream. Of course it is still sweet, and some flavours are sweeter than others, but every little helps.

4) Clean: There may be small creatures underwater that can survive the super heated water of an underground volcano but no nasty germ has yet been recorded surviving -320F (Nitrogen boiling point).

After this crash course on why Nitrogen is great in the making of ice cream, let’s take a look at it in action!

Mixture of the ice cream is prepared only upon order, so you can ensure absolute freshness in your cup of yums!



The mixture is given a few quick stirs before Nitrogen is added.


Cold air soon filled up the mixing bowl…. and the whole working top.


We felt like we were in one of the scenes in fairy tales…


Within 3 minutes, the ice cream is ready!



We were lucky to try out their special flavour, the Kahlúa Tiramisu!


Unlike other desserts that are alcohol infused, this ice cream has a tinge of coffee aroma from the Kahlúa, but not too overpowering. The ice cream also contain ladyfingers (sweet sponge cake) which complete the package! Enjoying this ice cream is like having the best of both worlds (Tiramisu and ice cream).


Other than Kahlúa Tiramisu, the other popular flavours include Christmas Horlicks, Salted Caramel, Lychee, Nutella, and their signature flavour is………. Thai Coconut!

Thai Coconut is so popular because of the fresh ingredients used!

Can you see the coconut bits in the ice cream? Our taste-buds were satisfied with the fragrance of the fresh coconut instead of coconut essence that other ice cream uses. This freshness ensures that you won’t get sick of the taste after a few mouthfuls.


If natural ice cream flavours were not satisfying enough, check out the varieties of toppings available!

320 Below also offers ice cream in tubs for you to bring home for your family! However, as nitrogen ice cream does not contain stabilizers, it is advisable not to let the ice cream out of the freezer for more than 45 mins as it will melt.


By the time you reach the end of the post, I’m sure you are already craving for a cup of ice cream now! So head on down to 320 Below today to get your cravings fix!

See you at Tampines 1!

How To Lou Hei For Good Luck

The 7th Day of Chinese New Year is what we call “Ren Ri”, which symbolises everyone’s birthday!

On this day, we will gather our friends and families round the table for Lou Hei, which the Chinese believe that it will bring us a year of Good Luck and Prosperity!

In this entry, we are going to give you some great tips on Lou Hei!

1) When to Lou Hei?

It used to be done only on the 7th day of CNY. But Lou Hei is readily available in restaurants, supermarkets and coffeeshops from 1st day onwards these days, thus, you may Lou Hei anytime during the CNY period!

2) Where can I find great places for Lou Hei?

We found a few great places in Tampines 1, here’s the list:

Fish and Co

Fish & Co. 04-11

Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei 04-13

JPOT- Hotpot Singapore Style 03-16 ….. Yusheng from $28++

3) What does each ingredient means?

Carrots: 鸿运当头 (Hong Yun Dang Tou), Approach of Good luck

Green Radish: 青春常驻 (Qing Chun Chang Zhu), Eternal Youth
White Radish: 风生水起 (Feng Sheng Shui Qi), Great Progression
4) What to say during Lou Hei?

The person who serves the Yusheng on the table should say
恭喜发财 (Gong Xi Fa Cai), congratulations for your wealth and 万事如意 (Wan Shi Ru Yi), may all your wishes be fulfilled.

Firstly, fish (usually Salmon or Abalone) is added to wish for 年年有余 (Nian Nian You Yu), abundance through the year, as the word “fish” in Mandarin sounds like “Abundance”.

Secondly, pomelo or lime is added to the fish to add on auspicious and good luck. Citrus represents 大吉大利 (Da Ji Da Li) meaning good luck and to wish for a smooth sailing year.

Pepper is dashed all over in the hope of attracting more money and valuables. You may shout 招财进宝 (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) to attract wealth and treasures.

After which, oil is poured by circling the ingredients which encourage money to flow in from all directions. Oil symbolises 财源广进 (Cai Yuan Guang Jin) meaning numerous sources of wealth.

Peanut crumbs and Sesame seeds are dusted on the dish, symbolizing a household filled with gold and silver with the lucky phrases, 金银满屋 (Jin Yin Man Wu) and 生意兴隆 (Sheng Yi Xing Long) meaning prosperity for businesses.

Plum sauce is then drizzled generously over everything to represent 甜甜蜜蜜 (Tian Tian Mi Mi), wishing everyone’s life to be sweet.

Last but not least, deep-fried flour crisps in the shape of golden pillows is poured all over, to literally represent 满地黄金 (Man Di Huang Jin), abundance of wealth!

We hope you’ve gained some new knowledge about Lou Hei from this entry. Tampines 1 wishes you and your family abundance of wealth and good health in this prosperous Horse Year!

Pocket Friendly Sushi Now Available at Sushi Express!

Affordable sushi fix has arrived at Tampines 1!

Sushi Express (B1-08) offers  more than 60 varieties, and the Kaburi Chefs make the Sushi/ Sashimi fresh right in front of their valued customers!




We love how their wasabi is individually packed, so that everyone will just take what they need and reduce wastage.


After trying so many dishes, here’s some of our personal favourites!


Teriyaki Scallop


Salmon Roe Gunkan


Sliced Abalone Salad


Salmon Sashimi


Sakura Ibi


Blueberry Cheesecake


Hana Maki


Ladyfinger with Beancurd Skin


Salmon and Grilled Salmon Sushi


Herring with Capelin Roe


Vinegared Gizzard Shad



Scallop with Salmon Roe



Other than yummy and affordable sushi, you get to bring back a little Japanese flavour at their mini snack booth too!


Wide varieties of Nigiri, Gunkan, Appetizer, Sashimi, Maki Sushi and Desserts awaits you at only $1.50++ per plate.


If you are looking for a pocket friendly Japanese restaurant to enjoy with your friends and family, drop by Sushi Express today!