Athletes Behold! Under Armour Is Now At Tampines 1!

Many of you were enquiring about Under Armour’s opening for the past weeks, and we are proud to announce that they are finally OPENED (02-22)!!!

Under Armour Tampines 1_1

Under Armour started in 1996, where CEO Kevin Plank created the original performance T-shirt to make athletes cooler and drier by regulating their body temperature with its innovative technology. Under Armour has been recognized as the most innovative brand in sports gears since.

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The mission of the innovative brand is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

We visited the store to find out more about the state-of-the-art sports gear, and was delighted to find out that Under Armour’s sports gears are a combination of function and fashion!

HeatGear® Sonic

The latest Men’s collection features HeatGear® Sonic, where the latest fabric take comfort to a new level with light and softer feel you can wear all day.

Some highlighted benefits:

  • 4-Way Stretch fabrication allows greater mobility and maintains shape
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body
  • Anti-Odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes
  • 30+ UPF protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays

Under Armour Tampines 1_3

UA HeatGear® Alpha

The latest Women’s collection features a new evolution of Under Armour’s signature UA HeatGear® fabric, which delivers an amazingly lightweight fit without sacrificing coverage or support.

Some highlighted benefits:

  • Super-light HeatGear® fabric delivers superior coverage without weighing you down
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat to keep you dry and light
  • Lightweight, 4-Way Stretch construction improves mobility and maintains shape
  • Anti-microbial technology helps keep your gear fresher, longer

Under Armour Tampines 1_5 Under Armour Tampines 1_4

Under Armour also carries a wide array of training shoes too! Check out the luxurious armchair for your ultimate comfort when you try out your favourite pairs from the collection.

Under Armour Tampines 1_6

If you are a fan of performance sports gears, it’s time you check out Under Armour (02-22) today!

Images and product information provided by Under Armour


Massage your way to better health!

We all work long hours and what better way to end a hard day’s work than with a relaxing massage. A good massage can do wonders for relieving tension and back pain, but a therapeutic massage is not always conveniently available. While it is still best to get a massage from a massage therapist, an electronic substitute is now available – the massage chair! Best of all, you can get your massage anytime you need it.    

We spotted one in Gintell, #04-29, and thanks to a team-mate, she gladly consented to being our ‘guinea pig’ for the day, to test out Gintell’s massage chair and bed! 🙂  

Being petite in size, we were wondering if the chair was too big for her. But fret not as we were told that the chair has an Intelligent Pressure System with auto-sensing functions. It will measure her body structure and weight so as to give her a massage of the right pressure, suited just for her. Massages which are personalised to individuals – we likey! 

Kase getting all ready for the goes!

The chair uses 6 massage techniques – kneading, knocking, shiatsu, tapping, kneading & tapping and back stretching to give a full massage of 15 minutes.

While enjoying the full massage, she especially liked the X Twist function, which is a combination of exercise and massage. This program uses airbags inflated on the opposite sides along the waist to gently twist and stretch your back muscles.

She described the massage as very similar to that of a Thai massage where it really stretched the back. Look at how she was being bent over and this routine was repeated 4 times! A really good massage for the back!

She also liked how her back was slowly heated up during the massage. The heat function is definitely good for improving blood circulation!

We also noticed that besides the usual areas for massage – head, neck, back, shoulder, hips, arms, the chair also massages the palms, which we thought was really unique as most massage chairs do not include the palms. Kudos to Gintell for looking into the little details. The massage even covered the soles of the feet and toes! How considerate!  

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on our body and psyche. In fact, there’s a growing field of healthcare known as Music Therapy, which uses music to heal. It helps with pain management, wards off depression, promotes movement and eases muscle tension. It was great when we discovered an USB outlet on the chair where we were able to insert a thumbdrive of our favourite songs. Enjoying the massage and our favourite music at the same time! Sweeeet!

Enjoying the soothing music!

Take your pick from the many functions available!

Priced at a promotional price of $4,988 (U.P. $8,988), we loved how the chair paid attention to the minor details, making the massage such a great and comfortable experience.

We spotted this bed with the leopard printed pillows and blanket. Looks really comfortable and we were ready to jump in!

Next up for trial is the IRest, which is a massage mattress with 19 airbags, designed to make you fall asleep with a gentle massage.

Kase in total bliss! 🙂 On her way to dreamland...

The in-depth vibration improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and stress. It also lifts and stretches your back and legs.  Moreover, for the King size bed set (2 massage mattresses), the vibration of the  individual mattress will not affect your partner, allowing you to enjoy the massage while your partner enjoys undisturbed sleep. The mattress also fits into your existing bed frame easily.

Have you heard of DIY mattress? You can choose the materials of your mattress – from coconut fibre, memory foam, latex, light density sponge to flexible foam. The bamboo fibre used to cover the mattress also helps to keep dust mites away!

The single mattress is priced at a promotional price of $2,988 (U.P. $4,988) and comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Go ahead, come on down to Gintell’s showroom for a trial. Let us know if you fell asleep there because we sure were going to….zzzzzzz

Here’s to better health and quality sleep! 🙂 

Love, Tampines 1

Slam dunk like Michael Jordan!

Basketball junkies alert! We spotted these ultra stylish basketball shoes at Hoops Factory #03-23. What got us really excited is that this is a limited edition collection! Inspired by yes…..none other than Michael Jordan. Way coooool! We were also told that these shoes provide good ankle support. It is also well-padded inside, providing good cushioning for every jump or run that you take. Take your pick from 4 colours – blue, red, black and yellow. Priced at $219. We like the red one, how about you?

We heart the Michael Jordan icon!

Love, Tampines 1

Desire for flat tummy & be ab-solutely fit?

We hate to go to the beach even though the weather is perfect for frocklicking in the sun.  Just looking at those bikini babes and topless hunks can make us feel like sucking in our stomach to hide our wobbly flab.  Don’t talk to us about having a 6-pack abs – we can’t even remember if we have ever own a flat tummy!

Our hopes revived when we met Edison Ho, a gym instructor at Amore Living in Tampines 1.  We were impressed with his trim and fit body.  He shared with us that his fitness regime includes working out 4 times a week at the gym and jogging at least once a week.

Edison shared with us some tips on how to get a flat tummy and washboard abs  with the Turkish Get-Up – a highly functional workout that gets all our body’s muscles moving and is especially good for the core muscles and improving your balance. It is all about the mechanically correct method of standing up from a lying position while supporting a locked weight overhead. The best thing is you can do this workout at home as it doesn’t involve any special equipment or weights. 
Here are the STEPS:

1. Lying on the floor, safely move the implement upright into a locked position with your right hand. Your shoulder should be tight in its socket, with your leg bent and your left foot beside your right knee.

2. Pushing off your left foot, roll up your abs and hips and move into a sitting position.

3. Push up your hips, while keeping your right hand up at all times with your left hand on the ground to support your body.

4. Support your body using your right hand and both feet. Then bring yourself off the ground while keeping the implement locked overhead in your right hand.

 *Repeat these step for one minute, and complete three sets. Once you are standing up, bring yourself down slowly with your elbow still locked in position.

We may sound cliche, but there is really no gain without pain.  So we are going to try this out and check out that perfect bikini at the store later. 🙂


Tampines 1



Kick-start your exercise regime!

Exercise? Where got time? This is very often what we hear when it comes to exercising. We often face the obstacle of time …or lack thereof. But our team at Tampines 1 believes that we do have the time, just that very often we don’t make full use of it.

We were really happy when the good folks at Amore Living #05-18 to 20 told us that we can actually exerecise at our work desk! How convenient and time-saving! It is a 15-min StretchFit Workout. Do it ideally before lunch! You can watch the demonstration video here on their Facebook page.

Inspired to exercise diligently now? 🙂 We are happy to inform that Amore Living will be having a Open House this coming weekend – 15 to 17 April. You can try out their exciting fitness classes for free.

They have many signature classes such as CardioLatinoTM, BellyBlitzTM, BollyBlitzTM and StretchFitTM so pick a bunch of classes that you would like to try out. Ask your friends along for company!

There is a variety of classes for you to choose from. Yoga and pilates aim to loosen your joints and strengthen your core muscles and high intensity aerobics classes, that may come in the form of dance, helps you build your stamina and strength.

You can have a state of the art gym at your disposal

They even have kid-friendly classes so you can bring your child along and enjoy a healthy and fun afternoon at Amore!

There is also an elevated swimming pool where you can partake in Aqua aerobics classes or just for a leisurely swim

After your exercise, give yourself a treat! Destress and indulge in Amore Boutique Spa’s FREE 10 minutes Spa Treats. Get tucked away in a tranquil haven and take a guided tour through their spa facilities and witness for yourself what Amore Boutique Spa has to offer. We really like it that no prior commitment is required.

First time customers also get to try out their special 10 minutes spa treats or purchase a Botaroma Swedish Massage (45 minutes, worth $88) or a Purity Facial (90 minutes, worth $85) at only $48.

We also found out that the Spa is a unisex one so you can bring your partner or friend along and enjoy some quiet time together, kneading out the stress knots or prettying up your complexion. Either way it is quality time spent in a tranquil surrounding, perfect for fostering a closer bond with a person you love.

Terms and conditions apply. Free access to fitness classes and facilities and spa treats available to first time customers only.

So begin your journey for total wellness today. Also, you will receive a wonderful Goodie Bag if you purchase any package during the Open House!

Here’s to better fitness!

Love, Tampines 1